Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steve Jobs zapped my iPod icon

My old iPod used to appear as an icon, like a USB drive, on my desktop when I plugged it into my MacBook which allowed me to eject the thing irrespective of which space I was in by simply going to the desktop selecting the thing and hitting [CMD] + [E]. When Apple removed that feature it annoyed me somewhat since I now had to switch spaces, find the iTunes window, locate the iPod (or iPhone these days) and eject it. I wasn't too fond of the idea of using one of those menu applets (although there are some nice ones) so I finally got around to creating a little application that ejects the iPod.

Fire up the AppleScript Editor:

Copy the following code into the edit window:

1:  tell application "iTunes"  
2:      repeat with s in sources  
3:          if (kind of s is iPod) then eject s  
4:      end repeat  
5:  end tell  

Save the script with the following settings:

Finally let's change the default icon, the easiest way to achieve this is to click the "Bundle Contents" button in the upper right corner. Delete the applet.icns icon using the right click menu, drag and drop the Eject iPod.icns file (which you can download here) into the "Bundle Contents" pane and rename it to applet.icns. Finally save the AppleScript app again. I like to keep this thing in the dock although I ususally prefer to run it through Spotlight which is the reason I created this app in the first place. Quick and easy. If you are lazy you can also download this crappy little app here.

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