Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bluetooth Headphones

The jacks on the corded headphones I use with my iPhone will usually wear out after 3-4 months so I bought a set of refurbished Sennheiser MM200 bluetooth headphones in the hope they will last longer. The sound quality is excellent and far better than what I expected from such small in-ear speakers. The MM200 doubles as a mobile headset (so far no complaints about people not hearing my voice) and as a remote for the iPhone. The skipping and volume control functions apparently did not work on earlier incarnations of iOS but they both work perfectly on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 4. Furthermore pressing the play button after powering up the MM200 connects it to the iPhone without also activating voice control on the phone unlike every other bluetooth headset I ever had. Reportedly the MM200 suffers from insufficient waterproofing that causes it to break if you wear it while exercising. I haven't experienced this in the month I have had the MM200 even though I cycle 15 km to school. The only downside is that the battery on the iPhone drains quite a bit faster thanks to bluetooth so you might want to switch off Location Services and Wifi or buy an external battery pack. The verdict so far is... thumbs up.

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