Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Infinity blade

I bought yet another iPhone game, Infinity Blade. It's a 3rd person over-the-shoulder type game but it's not like the ones I usually buy where you have complete freedom of movement. Infinity blade is more like Doom Resurrection, you have limited control over where you want to move except at decision points where you can choose to take one of several routes. The plot is simple, you navigate your way through a castle, dueling a string of monsters on the way until, you reach the throne room of the immortal god-king. Once you get past his champion the dark knight, you get a single crack at killing the boss him self. If you fail you have to start over from the beginning. As you progress through the game you gather money, and experience. The money you can spend on better weapons and armor, the XP points you can spend on better defensive, offensive or magic skills. As you gather XP your skill level increases but since XP points are gathered by "mastering" weapons you are under constant pressure to upgrade your arsenal since your skill level will advance slowly or not at all if you are using a set of mastered armor, shield, sword etc. At certain points in the game, usually before or after duels you can pan to the sides to look around which is important to remember since bonus items are often placed out of sight.

The game it self has amazingly nice graphics for a mobile game, it should do since it uses the Unreal engine. The movements of the characters are also very well done and convincing. Like all of these 3D games it will burn through your iPhone's battery with blistering speed. All in all, IMHO, it's good value at € 4.99 since it's a game that's reasonably hard to master and in a sense goes on infinitely. So, thumbs up!

A fire paladin,  his frozen buddy,  an assassin...

they have feral trolls,  knights,  robots...

a big ugly baby,  the dark knight and once you get past him...

you finally get to duel with the boss, who kicks your ass many times forcing you to start over, until you finally manage to kill him.

You don't get to keep the infinity blade, then you press a button and a hologram appears but only after you watch the credits. After all this the game starts all over again. At least you get to keep your XP and your weapons.

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