Thursday, January 19, 2012

I ♥ MacBook Air

I just bought a MacBook Air (Model 4,2) and IT ROCKS!!! This is largely thanks to the SSD but the 50% weight reduction from my old MacBook also helps. Boot time is drastically shorter and Photoshop files hundreds of megabytes in size load in mere seconds. My disk space has just been cut in half to 250 Gb but I'm not complaining. The product of the last 10 years of amateur photography will just have to be farmed out to a USB disk (or a 'vagrant' as we call it up here in the arctic) and I'll find a way to live with USB 2.0 until I can afford a Tunderbolt ™ drive. Of course if history is anything to go by, and given my recent strain of catastrophically bad luck, Apple will announce a new MBA with USB 3 ports and a Retina Display tomorrow. Incidentally the Apple Genius who sold it to me my new MBA was wrong, you can upgrade the SSD in the model 4,1 and 4.2 MacBook Airs.

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