Wednesday, January 4, 2012

iPhone 4S audio source problem

Had some trouble with my iPhone which refused to allow me to change the audio source while a phone call was in progress. Symptoms, with a Bluetooth headset connected:

  1. Trying to change the audio source during a phone call causes the audio to be lost.
  2. For some reason the default audio source was stuck on 'Speaker' whenever a call came in.

To fix this go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Physical & Motor->'Incoming calls' (not exactly the first place anybody would think look for this setting) and change the audio source from 'Default' to 'Headset'. This causes the phone to select the Bluetooth headset as default if it is connected, otherwise the call will default to the phone and switching to speaker works reliably.


  1. Man, it this works, you saved me from my mother's wrath! :) (Gonna try it by the next call.)

  2. P.S.: ...and it works! Thanks again.